Shipping policy

San Basilio has an estimated delivery time depending on the region and accessibility of the destination usually arrives within a week. However, estimates can be checked reading the UPS estimates for your specific location. Orders are shipped on business days only. For this reason, purchases made on Saturdays, Sundays and/or holiday Mondays are processed the next business day.

Guarantee Policies

The guarantee of an item has a maximum term of 3 months after the date of purchase, it covers defects associated with manufacturing and quality.
The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use of the product or accidental damage caused by the customer.
San Basilio grants a guarantee when the evaluation of the product is made with pictures and videos showing the issue (Not necessary to ship the item). The same product is offered and shipped free of charge or any other product of the same or greater store value considering that the customer will recognize the difference when the value of the new product is grater.

Exchange policies in online purchases

To exchange products online, you have 30 calendar days from the date of purchase. After this time, the change cannot be made. Additionally, if the shoe shows wear or is damaged, the change will not be accepted either.
For changes outside the city of Medellin, the footwear must be returned to the main store Centro Comercial el Tesoro, local 1051, covering said freight. And once the receipt of the package is confirmed, the change is scheduled either for size, color or for another product, taking into account that the change is made effective for another product of equal or greater value, and this last shipping cost San Basilio assumes it.
The product must be in original conditions, for this it must come with all its labels (internal and external).
Product, footwear or accessories in promotion and/or sale has no change. For changes of outlet products (products of the SALE category) you must inform the reason, to be evaluated by the area of ​​changes and guarantees, since promotional products do not have change, however the company will evaluate and if the change is approved only can be done directly in the OUTLET store
The price that is recognized when making the change is the value paid at the time of purchase.
The customer will have an immediate response at any of our points of sale, the change can be made for any product of the customer's choice, as long as it is available in stores. Cash refunds are not made and if the new item has a higher value than the previous product, the customer must pay the surplus.