How do I know my size?

Check the sizing information section on the footer of the page. Measure your feet correctly and the chart will tell you the size that fits better. Nevertheless if you have questions regarding sizing please contact us at: comercial@sanbasilio.com.co

In how many days does my order arrive?

It depends on the destination. However, in most cases the order arrives in less than 7 business days after the date of purchase. Please check UPS estimates for further information on shipping days for your exact location. 

What means of payment are accepted?

Everything that PAY U LATAM supports or another payment button that is incorporated into the page, where almost all credit cards, debit cards and other traditional payment methods.  

How much do shipments cost and what coverage do they have?

The cost of shipments in San Basilio depends on the amount of the purchase. And the region of destination. It is free to most places around the world. For purchases over $100 USD. For smaller purchases, you can refer to the shipping policy.